A straightforward metroidvania with a focus on graphics.
This version is for LD40 voters. The updated post jam version is here:

Note: There is a final boss, but I ran out of time for an ending screen, so, brace for anticlimax.


Walk: Left/Right Arrows.
Jump : Spacebar

The following abilities must be acquired by finding their corresponding item before they can be used:
Sword : X
Bomb : B
Carpet: C
When on carpet, press up or down arrows to rise and fall.

Bombs can ride the carpet. 

Potion bottles upgrade your maximum hit-points by 1. 

Perish/Respawn: P
Mute: M 

Debug controls:
Get all items (non-reversible & you must respawn in order to use the items): O
Zoom in/Zoom Out : Page up/Page down

Change log:
-Anti wall-sticking code was broken in final debugging before release; it is now probably fixed.
-Some Updates changed to FixedUpdates.
-Fixed dimensions of WebGL Player.

A video walkthrough will be available in the next couple days.
Until then, the general route through the game is as follows:
go west, then east, then all the way west, then back east and down, then up and back to the start point.

Published Dec 09, 2017
StatusIn development
AuthorMason Lindroth
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 40
LinksLudum Dare