Hylics 2 v30 Changelog

Hylics 2, v30 Changelog

-A landing indicator will now appear under Wayne, for easier navigation. It can be toggled in the Options menu.

-Attempting an air-dash should no longer lead to rolling.

-Checkpoints in the sidescroller minigame should now reset correctly after the minigame is completed.

-Steps taken to prevent binding mouse button to controls.

-Easy mode now adds a slight boost to player’s Power stat.

-Coin colliders 250% larger.

-Known issues:

-Using the Options menu unpauses the game, while still in menu.

-Hylics 2 is not designed for mouse input. Mouse input will be disabled at some future time. For now, avoid using the mouse.

-Binding the same key to multiple controls is not recommended. i.e. using the X key for both Accept and Slap.

-Some level boundaries, for example in the cave under the town, can be climbed in an unintended way. Recent improvements to physics friction revealed this issue; it will be fixed very soon. Use the inventory item "Mini Crystal" to respawn if you fall out of the level or otherwise become trapped.


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