Hylics 2, v31 Changelog

Bug Fixes:

-Air-dash should no longer lead to walking on air, in certain situations.

-Battles in the 2D maze should no longer fail when loading saves, made in the maze, from the title screen.

-Control customizations should no longer reset when restarting the program.

-Certain invisible boundaries should no longer be climbable.

-misc minor fixes.


-Additional instructions added at beginning of sidescroller minigame.

-Location of Airship respawner made clearer.

Known issues:

-Many players have reported an inability to jump diagonally. This is typically a keyboard hardware issue, and may be resolved by changing the movement keys to WASD. In the future, default controls will be changed to use WASD. More time is needed to determine what layout is best.

-Due to an incompatibility with the version of Unity used for Hylics 2, the game may crash on startup if you have installed Citrix Workspace, a remote work program.


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14 days ago
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