Hylics 2, v33 Changelog

Hylics 2, v33 Changelog


Please note: Autosave functionality is currently very basic. An autosave is made upon scene load, in “normal” scenes (i.e. not in cutscenes or minigames). Regard it as a “backup” save. I recommend saving the game manually before closing it. Notably, an autosave is not currently made when in the “first-person-maze” section. Refinements to the autosave system will be made in future updates.

-It is now possible to immediately surrender, while in battle, via the new “PERISH” ability. This can save time when defeat is inevitable.
The ability only functions while in battle. It does not currently have an animation.

-Adjustments to movement in the 2D sidescroller:
 -Smoother jumping while walking into a wall.
 -Simplification of some uneven floors.

Bug fixes:
-Fixed: Poolman’s health/loot variables were not reset correctly in the first-person-labyrinth scene.
-Fixed Dying while riding a flying carpet caused other moving platforms to function incorrectly.
-misc small fixes.

Known issues:
Diagonal movement remains problematic on some keyboards, due to keyboard rollover issues. A comprehensive control/input overhaul is planned, but will take several weeks.

Rebinding movement controls to WASD may help with diagonal movement. Plans to set WASD as the default controls are currently halted due to issues with the shift key on some Windows OS versions.


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