Hylics 2, v32 Changelog

Hylics 2, v32 Changelog

-Warp pools may now be activated via nearby buttons, instead of by sinking into them and traveling to the afterlife.

Battle changes:

-“Poolman” enemy’s copies will match the health of their creator.

-Poolman farming limited.

-“Sauoplit” will now use its ability.

-Damage-over-Time (DoT) effects moved from end-of-turn to beginning-of-turn, to correct interaction between Sleep/Stun status and DoT effects.

-Offset added to status effect notifications, for improved legibility.

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed: A “Galliform” enemy had an incorrect defeat event, which caused crashes.

-Fixed: Enemy Charge used player Charge formula.

-Some large scenes have been split into multiple scenes.


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